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Unit Trusts

A unit trust is the pooled money of many investors that is invested in the financial markets.


An endowment is an insurance-based investment product. You can either pay a monthly premium or a lump sum both of which are invested in a mix of equities, bonds, property and cash, based on client’s risk analysis. 

Money Market

Private banking is a type of monetary service that provides highly personalized attention to a select list of clients. Typically available to those with extensive assets, private banking is meant as a means of managing, investing, and planning the use of large fortunes.

Since many wealthy patrons desire a degree of anonymity in their banking transactions, high security and strict confidentiality rules are often an important part of private banking.

How will you benefit?

Here at Edge Financial Group we act as your agent, this enables us to transact on Corporate Cash Manager on your behalf and provide you with the following:

Personalized service

A dedicated administrative team that supports Corporate Cash Manager

Attractive money market interest rates

No transactional charges other than those related to cash deposits or other unusual transactions

Call accounts, notice deposits and other dynamic products such as the Private Money Fund

Term deposits ranging from two days to 365 days

Share Portfolio

We have key service agreements and strategic partnerships with both SA Stockbrokers Group and Sanlam Private Wealth in order to assist clients with their Share Portfolio requirements.

Through our strategic partnerships with the SA Stockbrokers Group, we are able to provide share portfolios which are cost and tax effective. You are able to have your own personal share portfolio invested on the JSE or on International markets. With over 100 years of combined experience, our qualified investment managers will construct a portfolio which is specifically tailored according to your unique financial needs.

Sanlam Private Wealth crafts customised private client portfolios to grow and preserve your wealth – now and for generations to come.

Our investment approach is rooted in a solid base of research and insight, patience and wisdom, seeking superior returns over the long term and avoiding the distraction of quick and perhaps unsustainable wins. We have the knowledge and extensive experience to deliver what counts. Our diverse and well-balanced team of 53 highly skilled investment professionals offers a robust combination of experience and youth to ensure we’re able to consistently deliver the long term results you expect.

The results speak for themselves. Our customised local and global equity, multi-asset and offshore portfolios have a strong record of outperformance over the long term.

We have a systematic, centralised investment process grounded in robust, intensive research. We constantly challenge the norm and ask the tough questions. Apart from relying on their years of experience in the investment world, our investment committees (South African and global) tap into numerous sources of information and analyses, as we assemble informed, intelligent investment decisions to meet your individual needs.

First and foremost, we rely on the proprietary research of our team of in-house investment analysts. Our rigorous research process is also informed by, among other sources, financial and investment information databases, including: Selected institutional broker research reports Sanlam Group’s research team Bloomberg and other investment information systems.

Our South African investment committee meets once a week to debate and agree on an investment view, and construct model portfolios to guide our portfolio managers in constructing customised client portfolios. The decision-making process also includes: daily meetings, to ensure we understand up-to-the-minute information a daily snapshot of the markets in the last 24 hours a multi-factor equity valuation tool, covering more than 160 shares.

Our investment methodology marries a top-down and bottom-up approach in the construction of our portfolios. For us, top down means reviewing and assessing a portfolio’s asset allocation. The bottom up approach looks at stock selection.

When selecting equities we seek companies capable of delivering earnings and dividend growth at attractive valuations. Crucially, we want to make investments in companies in which we believe through an investment cycle and not speculate on short-term price movements. We prefer to invest in companies that have: a market price below intrinsic value a sound balance sheet a history of sound financial performance and sustainability strong cash flow a competitive advantage (moat) strong fundamentals