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Premier Wealth Solutions


Have peace of mind 

Short Term Insurance

Our short term insurance policies will give you peace of mind.

Our specialised short term insurance policies consist of the following sections:

Personalized service

Commercial Insurance

Corporate Risk

Special risk for your specific industry:

Hospitality – Guest Houses and B&B, Wedding Venues, Restaurants and Shuttle Services, Transport, Aviation, Goods in Transit, etc.

Specialised Liability Cover:

Commercial Complexes, Transport Services (large and small), Marine cargo, etc.
Travel Insurance

For more information on the specific products and services, please contact EDGE Financial Group:

Commercial Solutions

Fuel Solutions

Hospitality Solutions

Sectional Title Solutions – Tourism

Sectional Title Solutions – Body Corporates

Transport and Logistics Solutions

Medical aid

Medical aid is a form of health insurance cover which pays for essential medical services to registered practitioners, health facilities, clinics and hospitals. This form of private health cover varies from country to country but in South Africa, it is structured as a product referred to as a medical aid. It may provide cover for an individual, couple or family and will protect the member and dependents from the financial impact of private health care costs.

The benefits of a medical aid can be best appreciated when you need it most. 

An organization specializing in the healthcare industry and will assist you with:

Choosing the “most suitable” medical aid option in the market

Investigating more than 30 medical schemes and options

Providing pro-active advice on your present medical aid

Assist you with claims and query resolution