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Life insurance or life cover is a means of ensuring that your family or dependents are financially secure after your death. 

Our life products provide cover in the event of death of the life insured, whether accidental or health-related.

Income Continuation

The income continuation benefit pays a regular income if you experience loss of income on becoming partially or fully unable to follow their nominated occupation due to disability.

Severe Illness

This benefit will pay a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a covered severe illness.

Claim payouts are based on the severity of the illness. The severity levels have been set to reflect the financial impact of the illness on your lifestyle.


Disability insurance functions as a replacement for part of your income in the event you become disabled. It does not generally provide coverage for one specific expense or another.

Contact Edge financial group to secure your future income.


Funeral Cover

While no-one ever likes to think about the unthinkable and funeral cover is often something that we simply don’t think we may need, tragedy sometimes strikes with no warning.

Testamentary trust

When a person draws up a Will, a clause is added for the protection of the interest of minors and other dependants who are not able to look after their own affairs. These types of trusts come into being only after the death of the testator.

The trust is administered by trustees appointed in terms of the Will, and is usually ended after a predetermined period or at a determined event like a minor turning 18 or the death of an income beneficiary.

Assets owned by the deceased may be moved to the trust, in terms of the Will. A testator appoints the trustees in his/her Will.